Senior Scientist

Job Type:
Life Sciences
Job reference:
about 1 month ago

Pay Rate: 29.38

Location: Stevenage

LOA: 1 year

Submission Deadline: Tuesday 21st Morning


You are an enthusiastic, dynamic and self-motivated lab-based scientist with technical expertise in the field of molecular biology, protein engineering and characterization of antibodies. In this role you will apply molecular biology and design tools for the engineering of antibodies such as optimization of protein stability, decreased immunogenicity and post-translational modification engineering. Although predominantly lab-based, the role also involves important aspects of verbal and written communication and requires good organisation as well as a broader scientific knowledge. Both individual and team working are required and therefore the role will suit a scientist with good interpersonal skills, abilities in data analytics, self-motivation and an open mindset.

Key responsibilities include:

* Molecular cloning, plasmid generation and molecular design to improve molecule quality and bespoke engineering within the group.
* Building capability around antibody protein engineering.
* Earlier characterization of developability attributes of antibodies during discovery.

Basic Qualifications:

* Experience in protein engineering, molecular biology or related discipline.
* Experienced scientist with a good understanding of molecular biology and new developments and technologies in this area.
* Track record of delivery of decision-making experimental data.
* Demonstrated ability to work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
* Good analytical and data interpretation skills.
* Ability to adapt quickly to new scientific areas and work across teams.
* Ability to review and assimilate new information effectively.

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience in some or all the areas listed below:
* Proficient in antibody engineering, with practical experience working with mammalian expression vectors.
* Experience in the development and implementation of molecular design tools to improve the quality of antibodies.
* Interest in application of automation to molecular biology processes.
Experience in applying data solutions to manual processes

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