Senior Operator (Offshore)

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Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

- Discusses with the client as to which technology best suited for a test, often advising the client on the wisest choice
- Plans and supervises a well test job, providing the client with a report consolidating the findings
- Plans and organizes performance of service and the tools and equipment required for job
- Directs the selection, preparation/qualification, loading, dispatch, and unloading of tools and equipment for job
- Manages and administers well site operations to insure service meets client's requirements, and operates equipment to perform service; supervises a field operator crew (when required) in the preparation of the unit, calibration of equipment, and enforcement of safety rules and regulations, as required
- Calls and leads safety meetings
- Maintains and strengthens client relations through frequent contacts and promotes sales and services
- Participates in and directs preventative maintenance and repair of tools and equipment according to the standards and procedures defined in the RITE program
- Isolates and documents field failures/causes and makes required repairs
- Signs service orders as an authorized representative of the Company, and insures client's representative prior to the beginning and conclusion of service operation(s) signs service order.
- Performs all follow-up duties and reporting duties concerned with equipment accountability and safety, as required
- Comply with applicable company policies, including Personnel, Quality System and Health, Safety and Environment standards and procedures
- Successfully complete required safety training (including but not limited to drugs and alcohol, electrical, emergency response, fire, first aid, health and hygiene, PPE, SIPP, risk reporting, IT security, hazardous materials, driving)

Employees may be assigned other duties, in addition to or in lieu of those described above, and any duties are subject to change at any time, according to the needs of the location or Company

Previous Experience and Competencies:

Education: High School Diploma plus 2-year Associates Degree or Equivalent

Experience: a minimum of 36 months field exposure in similar environment

Qualifications required:

- Rig up/down Surface Testing Equipment

- 3phase separator running

- Vx Meter running

- Surface Sampling handling

- Attend the training that can allow him to describe the dynamic conditions under which well tests must be performed, lists the surface testing equipment used to perform well tests, summarizes how this equipment is used to collect samples at the surface and lists several considerations that influence the layout of surface equipment


Problem Solving
- Intermediate skill in project estimation
- Can handle projects of medium - high complexity
- Creative and innovative in providing quality solutions, analytical and solution oriented
- Advanced skill in techniques, tools, processes and practices within area of expertise
- Intermediate decision-making: Involved in developing, modifying and executing company policies. Decisions will impact upon schedules and on day to day operations
- Professional analysis and skilful use of tools, processes and resources
- Uses conceptual skills to tackle problems, which have not been addressed before
- Develops new approaches to enable others to resolve similar problems should they occur again
- Can function independently and in a team
- Intermediate Project Management skills
- Basic Outsourcing Management skills
- Leadership (if position has subordinates): Establishes goals in order to meet objectives, including subordinates. Provides leadership to subordinates
- Intermediate Mentoring skills
- Intermediate oral and written communication skills: Frequently interacts with peer groups, subordinates and senior management advising on area of responsibility. Interaction normally involves the ability to gain confidence, and give presentations of information concerning specific projects/schedules etc.
- Explains implications of complex information, adapting style to the needs of the readers / listeners
- Presents with confidence and conviction to an unfamiliar or senior audience
- Customer oriented, actively communicates with internal and/or external customers to ensure service level meets with expectations, understands customers' business direction, anticipating their needs and sets high standards of service
Cross Discipline
- Advanced understanding of how other unrelated disciplines interact with own
- Intermediate understanding of and practice of the principles of Quality Management
- Intermediate awareness of the company's strategy and has awareness of how own role and team fits in
- Adheres to local standards and procedures in all aspects of working environment
- Full understanding of own segment's range of services & products, and the relationship to other parts of OFS
- Knows strengths, competitive advantage and position in market place
- Shows active interest in business world
- Promotes standards & develops procedures to improve quality
- Is familiar with the way their clients work and can apply this to deliver improvements of benefit to SLB
- Keeps track of the competition so that the company can respond to changes
- Is capable of budgeting; identifying control numbers to maintain a profitable environment
- Focuses on efficient use of resources and facilities to achieve organizational goals from local business demands
Managing the Assigned Task
- Has intermediate functional and technical skills required to do the job
- Capable of setting of own and team's objectives and identifies key requirements
- Balances priorities & interfaces with internal/external customers & stakeholders to ensure expectations are met
- Able to identify, assess & manage risk effectively in a project based environment
- Able to manage project change and slippage
- Develops plans & critical paths for complex projects

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